Closed Back

Cut out the background noise - concentrate on the music. No sound leakage so you can listen without disturbing others!

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Sennheiser HD100

Sennheiser on ear HD100
£34.99 £29.50

Sennheiser HD300

Sennheiser on ear HD300
£44.99 £37.50

Sennheiser HD400s

Sennheiser on ear HD400s

Sennheiser HD569

Closed Back Around Ear design
£149.99 £129.99

Sennheiser HD630VB

High End Closed Back

Sennheiser HD820

Reference closed back headphone

Sennheiser PXC550 Travel - On Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Upgrade to 1st Class
£329.00 £239.00