Acoustic Energy

Acoustic Energy was originally founded in West London on April 4th 1987. Initially known as “Eldonfield Limited”, the name was changed on the 25th June 1987 and “Acoustic Energy” became officially born. The very first product to be designed and produced was the legendary and world-renowned loudspeaker, the AE1. This speaker set new industry standards in audio performance from a compact enclosure which has been the basis of the company’s product ethos to this day.

Thanks to the growth in hi-fi during the late 80s and 90s, Acoustic Energy received investment in 1994 from an overseas OEM manufacturing partner. Their financial and production strength underpinned AE’s ability to expand its global reach with entry-level priced specialist speakers and ‘world first’ audio electronics products including Bluetooth™ speakers and Wi-Fi Internet radios. To facilitate this growth, AE moved from London to a larger premises in the historical Cotswold town of Cirencester, where they remain to this day.

In the Spring of 2017 Acoustic Energy took the opportunity to become wholly British owned once again and now trades under the name “Acoustic Energy Loudspeakers Limited”. As music lovers the four Directors, Mat Spandl, Neil Truckell, James Luce and Martin Harding have been involved with the company for over 20 years and collectively combine over 100 years experience and knowledge in the audio industry.

Since Acoustic Energy was born over 30 years ago, the company has won hundreds of awards and accolades from the world’s Hi-Fi press. Back in 1988 Stereophile magazine concluded the AE1s ‘redefined the art of miniature speaker design’ whilst the Financial Times described the BT2 Bluetooth speaker as ‘a rugged yet refined Range Rover of a speaker’ and more recently What Hi-Fi? awarded our AE1 Active speakers Best Active speaker 2018. These and many other endorsements and critical acclaim from journalists around the world help to secure our status as one of the most highly regarded British brands in the audio industry.


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Acoustic Energy AE105

Wall Mountable Full Range Speaker

Acoustic Energy AE100 MK2

2nd Generation 100 Series Bookshelf Speaker

Acoustic Energy AE109 MK2

2nd Generation 100 Series Floorstanding Speaker

Acoustic Energy AE300

300 Series Bookshelf Speaker

"The Mark" Turntable System

Aiwa AU120BT, Rega Planar 1 and Acoustic Energy AE100 MK2 Speakers
£877.00 £799.00

Acoustic Energy AE120 MK2

2nd Generation 100 Series Floorstanding Speaker

"The Robert" Turntable System

Rega Planar 1, Rega Io Amplifier and Acoustic Energy AE100 MK2 speakers
£998.00 £899.00

Acoustic Energy AE1 Active

The AE1 Active is designed to deliver convenience without trading performance

Acoustic Energy AE309

300 Series Floorstanding Speaker

"The Watford" Turntable System

Rega Planar 2, Mission 778x and Acoustic Energy AE109 MK2
£1,647.00 £1,499.00

Acoustic Energy AE320

Flagship 300 Series Floorstanding Speaker