AK Jr software update

We have heard from a few customers about the issues your are experiencing with the software update on the Astell & Kern AK Jr. 

The AK Jr is the only Hi-Res player from Astell & Kern that doesn't auto update. The isntructions on the AK wesbite seem to be a little confusing and written in a very "computery" way! We have taken the time to update our demo AK Jr and written some simple instructions on how to do it. 

We successfully updated our demo unit and below is simple instructions on how it can be done. 

If you have any issues, please call us in the shop on 0208 930 9933 and we will try and help. If you are in any doubt about the update, then please either contact support at Astell & Kern or talk to the dealer you bought the item from. If they are a reputable Hi-fi dealer then they should be able to help. In the meantime, please see the instructions below. 

Windows version:

Click here to download the latest Astell & Kern junior firmware


Plug the Astell & Kern junior into the PC USB and select “Connect Removable Disk” on the screen

If autoplay starts, select “Open folder to view files”. Otherwise start Windows Explorer.

Windows Explorer will show something like AK Jr (E:)

Find and double click the firmware you downloaded. It will show you a file called AK_JR.hex

Drag and drop this file onto AK Jr (E:)

Right mouse click on AK Jr(E:) and eject it

Unplug the player. The player will update any music libraries and then detect and install the new firmware.