Corona Virus Update

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

#coronavirus update 24/05/20

Further to the PM’s announcement this evening, both the Harrow and Wendover stores will be closed with immediate effect.

We will continue to be open online and all current and future orders will be fulfilled. We will be operating on reduced staff levels but fully expect to meet our usual customer service standards. Free UK delivery, quick dispatch and competitive pricing.

We are already looking forward to opening the doors again once the UK has beaten this virus!

Please, please, please, follow the guidelines and limit the impact as much as possible on every industry in this country.

Don’t let your isolation be quiet. Listen to music, watch films, read books, spend quality time doing whatever you can.

You can reach us on or

See you on the other side!

#coronavirus Update 23/05/20

From Tuesday 24th March we will be operating a closed door policy. You will still be able to come to the stores, but we will only be allowing 1 customer in at any one time and within the safe zone outlined on each shop floor. This will allow us to keep staff members and customers at a safe distance and in-line with government guidelines.

We will continue to clean surfaces each morning and after each person leaves the store and before the next person is allowed entrance.

We urge you to contact us prior to your visit so we can schedule one customer at a time. All contact details are below.

Our website is open 24/7 and we are still shipping products, from our own stock and from suppliers. We use a free of charge 24 hour delivery service on orders placed before 12pm. This will continue as long as we are able to.

We can also arrange local delivery, with parcels being left at a safe distance and contact being made via telephone at the point of drop off.

You can contact us at #harrow on 02089309933 or

You can contact us at #wendover on 01296324242 or

You can also chat to us on the Harrow Audio Facebook page as well.

Whatever you chose to do, stay safe and keep to the government guidelines.

Many thanks The team at Harrow Audio

**Updated 17/03/20**

During the difficult time we are all facing with the #coronavirus, we at Harrow Audio are taking extra measures to ensure the health and  safety of our customers and staff. 

With this in mind, we ask for your patience and co-operation going forward for the next few weeks.

We are open and continue to operate our usual opening times at the Harrow and Wendover stores until otherwise advised. 

We are operating a no handshake policy and no refreshments will be offered. Please do not take this personally! We hope to greet you in our usual friendly manner. 

All counters and desks are cleaned regularly throughout the day with anti-bacterial spray and we have anti-bacterial wipes that are used on the card machine before and after use. Any keyboards are also cleaned regularly and staff members are required to wash their hands on a regular basis with anti-bac hand wash. 

We have introduced a safe zone in front of the counter in Harrow and in front of the desk at Wendover, to allow a safe distance from staff members. This is a purely precautionary measure. 

All home visits are postponed unless deemed essential. 

If you have any concerns about visiting us, we can assure you we are taking every precaution we can to deliver a safe environment for you to shop. 

Our website is available to browse full time and we are still able to ship items to you on a 24 hour delivery. Any Ex-Display items will be wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes before re-boxing. While the couriers are still operating we can still supply Hi-fi to you. 

There maybe some stock shortages over the next few months due to manufacturers being forced to close. We will have as much stock information from our suppliers as we can get and readily keep you informed if requested. 

The Instant chat feature has been activated on our facebook page: so feel free to ask any questions regarding products there if you prefer. 

We are working on a video chat feature that will enable you to talk to us face to face, as well as take a tour around products. This will be announced soon. 

Please everyone stay safe but sensible out there! If you are self Isolating, music can be therapeutic and good for your senses, health and well being. Feel free to share any musical discoveries on our social channels, a shared positive can only be more positive!

Thank you and we look forward to welcoming you to Harrow Audio, in whatever way you choose to shop with us. 


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