Shelf of the Month April 2015

Shelf of the Month April 2015

Shelf of the Month has been difficult his time round. There has been a raft of new products coming through and we haven't even got to "New AV season" yet!!

Everything was all in place for our favourite new products of the month, until last week, when the new DALI A/S Menuets turned up ‪#‎WOW‬ We have been totally blown away by these compact speakers and simply cannot stop listening to them. They are beautifully open and articulate, with amazing detail in the mid and high frequencies, yet it is the bass that impresses the most. We can only applaud the engineers for getting a tight, tuneful, deep bass out of a cabinet as small as the Menuet. The soundstage is on point too. They really are a joy to listen to and if you have any urge to replace your speakers, you MUST listen to them.

On April 18th we celebrated Record Store Day and spent the day playing Vinyl non-stop. REGA are well known for their turntable range and the RP3 with Elys 2 cartridge impresses everytime we demo it. With the ability to add the TT-PSU at a later date, the Rega RP3 starts out amazing value for money, with the option to improve further down the line. Typically Rega in its sound, musical, detailed and with a touch of warmth associated with Vinyl, everything we played sounded like it had a new lease of life. Plus, we love the look of the white against the Atacama Audio Eris Eco Bamboo stand. (other colours available!)

Arcam Of Cambridge are on a winning streak at the moment. It all started with the multi-award winning FMJ A19 and irDAC. Along came the FMJ A49 Class G powerhouse but there was always a gap waiting to be filled. Queue the intro....... please be upstanding for the FMJ A39! With 125w of Class G amplification, an acoustically damped chassis and exceptionally low levels of distortion, Arcam's latest stereo amplifier raises the bar once again. With a big bodied, full sound, it has an authority over the music, with great dynamics. With the RP3 feeding it a signal, it sounds fantastic with Vinyl.

On pure musical enjoyment, Shelf of the Month April has been magic.

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