Dear Apple...

Even if you are a non-iPhone user I am sure you have heard the news Apple have dropped the 3.5mm Headphone Jack from the new iPhone 7. You may not be bothered about it, you may not understand the fuss, but if we look back a few years, there was a mutiny when the iPod was dropped and the same mutiny is on the rise again. 

The classic Apple device that started it all was dropped from the line up in 2014, but was it unexpected? Maybe more so than the vanishing headphone socket, those rumours have been going around for a few years, but in the same way music lovers adapted and in most cases, embraced the change. The improvements in Digital Audio Players (DAPs) have helped people migrate over to Hi-Res music in a portable package and the services of Spotify, Tidal and Deezer increased in use on Mobile devices. Storage on mobile devices has got bigger and realistically, the need for a Phone and an iPod decreased. 

So what does not having a headphone jack mean now? Alot. And not alot. Apple using music lovers will again move on and evolve but his time there are already alot of options in place to make it as easy as possible. Apple have announced they will include headphones with a lightening connector with the iphoe 7, along with an adapter to use your "old" 3.5mm headphones. You can even buy a pair of Airpods, the wireless bluetooth version of Apples own headphones. But they are £159.00 and we think you can spend alot less and get a better result. 

If you intend to purchase an iPhone 7, or indeed you are one of the lucky ones who has it already, then take a look below at all the available options to get the best out of your music. 

First up, Bluetooth Headphones.

The easiest and most convenient way of listening to music. Turn Bluetooth on within the device, press and hold a button on the headphones and you are paired! Easy, great sound quality, no wires. It doesnt get much easier than that. 

Pioneer have a range of on-ear Bluetooth headphones starting from £59.00. The SE-MJ561BT comes in Silver or Tan and has a 15hour play time (and 200 hours in standby) Lightweight and comfortable, without being a street syle headphone. Think discreet rather than show-off!!

There is also the new SE-MJ771BT at £75.00 which has the advantage of touch sensitive controls on one earcup, a 32 hour battery life as well as being foldable.

If you like the idea of in-ears then we have a very under-rated pair of Optoma NuForce BE6i headphones. At £99.00 you get a high quality in ear with a choice of several style ear buds, including Comply tips. Secure fit and sweat and dust proof, they are a superior option to Apple's own aipods and £60.00 less.

Higher up the headphone scale, Denon and Sennheiser both have premium models aimed at the travel market. The Denon AH-GC20 is one of the best value headphones we have ever come across. Noise cancelling as well as bluetooth, they are exceptionally well built and comfortable to wear. A clean, open soundstage makes for an engaging listen. 

The Momentum Wireless range of headphones share the same headband and internal electronics but come in On-Ear or Around-Era designs. Noise cancelling technology is included and the premium finish comes from Oxford leather and alacantra earpads. Available in a Black or Ivory finish they are super stylish and a pleasure to use. All our Bluetooth headphones can be seen here

One of our favourite upgrades is the AudioQuest Dragonfly. Coming in 2 different versions, the Black or Red, these 32bit DAC and Headphone amps are the size of a USB memory stick. Using the Apple camera kit (or equivalent Amazon special!) they connect directly to the lightening socket on your iPhone. Taking the digital signal from your device the Dragonfly does a high quality conversion and powers your headphones properly. At £89.00 the Dragonfly Black is powerful enough to drive any in ear headphones and small to medium sized On Ear. The Dragonfly Red at £169.00 is designed to drive larger headphones and comes with a little bit more power. They can also connect into a Laptop or Computers USB socket to allow you to listen to headphones or connect into your main system. Personally, I use a Dragonfly Black everyday on the train and it sounds massively better than the standard headphone socket. AND you get to use the headphones you already own!

Finally, Audeze are one of the market leaders in high end headphones and currently have 2 models in their range that have a lightening specific lead, the Cipher. Both employing Planar Magnetic technology, the Sine headphones are a premium made, high quality portable headphone desgned by BMW DesignWorksUSA. The Cipher lead contains a 24bit Digital Sound Processor and DAC making the audio experience exceptional.

The Audeze EL-8 Titanium uses the same Cipher lead and is based on the best selling EL-8 range. A slightly larger, closed back design, they are comfortable to wear and immerse you in sound.

It goes without saying here at Harrow Audio, we wouldn't recommend anything without being able to demonstrate the benefits to you, so all of the above solutions are available to listen in the Headphone Booth.