Demo room set up

Our demo room gets some pretty regular use but today we have been setting up an AV demo for a customer who wants to hear the new DALI A/S Rubicon LCRs partnered with the mighty REL Acoustics S/5 Subwoofer.

What that means though is taking apart the demo room and getting the whole system working to its best. Thats cool, we can do that, but it does take 2 of us (mainly to lift the REL!) and a bit of time to get everything sounding awesome! And it does sound AWESOME!

The Pioneer LX58 is a breeze to setup and the Arcam Of Cambridge UDP411 gives a stunning picture out of the box.

A quick shout out to Ben Stykuc for the loan of the customers favourite film, Super 8. ‪#‎dali‬ ‪#‎rel‬ ‪#‎pioneer‬ ‪#‎arcam‬ ‪#‎harrowaudio‬

To see the video click here