Loan at home

Try before you buy!!

Here at Harrow Audio we try to keep our demo room as home-like as possible. We are in the lucky situation that the shop is a converted terrace house, typical in size and layout of the surrounding suburbs. Our demo room is essentially the master bedroom and mirrors the size of a living room. 

The demo room has a sofa at one end, a TV and AV Stand at the other, in front of where the chimney would be, with alcoves either side. 

It is set up like this to give as a relaxed and familiar feel as possible when we are auditioning equipment and systems to everyone. 

However, we are fully aware we cannot 100% replicate certain things and although it is very easy to hear differences between speakers or amplifiers, the finer upgrades are harder to pinpoint. 

Speaker cables for instance are difficult to assess unless they are in your own system, where you have a bit of time to relax and listen at your own pace. Smaller items like DAC's and Headphone Amps can offer huge improvements but again, the improvements are not always apparant when the other parts of the system are not familiar. 

As we always try to improve your musical enjoyment we have put together a selection of loan items. Things you can leave a deposit on and take home to try over a few days. 

Our loan speaker cables are all cut to 3m pairs and we have a selection from AudioQuest, Atlas and Dali. If you have ever said "Naaaah, cables dont make a difference" you now have the chance to prove us wrong! Ranging from £50.00 up to £500.00 we can find something to suit your system and let you try them against your current cable.

As there are many products on the market, it is often hard to make a decision, even after a good listen. So with DACs and Headphone amps we have a selection of loan units you can try at home. The IR-DAC II is the perfect example. A high quality DAC, with Bluetooth and a headphone amp is a great addition to any system. But until you get it home you might not realise how good an addition it can be! Play your TV through your Hifi, no problem. Add wireless streaming from a phone or tablet, easy. Have a dedicated Headphone output to drive your cans properly, it does that too! 

Drop in a have a look and a chat, but don't say we don't try and look after you! It is all about enjoying music and we try and make that as easy as possible. 

Loan items T&Cs: 50% deposit is required to secure a loan item. All loan items are to be returned and refund applied with a maximum of 7 working days. Refund will be applied on the day of return. If you wish to purchase an item after a loan period, then a new item will be supplied as a new sale at an agreed price.