Marantz PM-KI and SA-KI Ruby Edition

Monday, May 21, 2018

40 years of dedicated passion, Ken Ishiwata celebrates ruby anniversary with Marantz.

Ken Ishiwata has been at the heart of Marantz for 40 years, but his influence extends beyond the many wonderful products he has developed for the company in that time. Today he is perhaps the most recognised and influential figure in the world of high-end audio, with an avid global following among the hi-fi press and discerning consumers for his ability to design and tune products that simply bring listeners closer than ever to the music.

He has a unique ability to conceptualise stunning sound reproduction, design the equipment required to achieve it, and then deliver enthralling demonstrations around the world leaving listeners spellbound with the new insights Marantz products can deliver into even the most familiar music. With his awareness of the company’s 65+ year heritage, he is totally involved with all newly-designed Marantz units, and works with highly talented engineers, introducing new models to the world for music-lovers to enjoy.

Refining the harmony. In exploring and examining every aspect of every design, just occasionally he finds a product with extra potential, which he can then take beyond the Marantz standard he sets and into something even more special. On those rare occasions he puts even more of his experience and expertise into the project, creating a ‘what if…?’ model embodying even more of the Ishiwata sound by improving sound-critical components through a process of careful selection and subtle blending, testing, listening and testing again. Thus is a KI Signature product born, in a process akin to creating fine music: as Ishiwata says, ‘Like any musical performance, all the players must understand and be capable of fulfilling their role. Nothing more. Nothing less.’

Signature pieces. The KI Ruby SACD player and amplifier go beyond even the standards of past KI Signature achievements, embodying all of Ken Ishiwata’s experience and expertise, and that of the Marantz engineering team. Since the original CD63 MkII KI Signature CD player was launched more than 20 years ago, the knowledge of how to make a fine-sounding product truly magical has grown with each new KI Signature launch – in the KI Ruby models, launched to mark Ken Ishiwata’s 40th anniversary with the company, that process has created products as special as they are covetable.

If you want to discover exactly how Ken Ishiwata likes great music to sound, look no further – and prepare to be amazed.
BECAUSE MUSIC MATTERS - And value remains.

”Music is the highest form of art. It is also the most noble. It is human emotion, captured, crystallised, encased ... and then passed on to others.” - Ken Ishiwata.

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