Musical Fidelity M6 Encore 225 Trade In

Our friends at Musical Fidelity have launched a very generous trade in offer on their new M6 Encore 225, allowing you to trade in your old amplifier and get your original money back!

For example, if you paid £849.00 for a Musical Fidelity A3 amp, trade it in and get the full £849.00 back off the RRP price of the Encore 225! How good is that?! 

There are some catches, maximum trade in value is £1500.00 and we will need to see a purchase invoice showing the original value of the trade in. If it was purchased from us then we will have a record of it, but if it was purchased elsewhere then you may need to check you have it. 

This offer is open to non-Musical Fidelity trade in items, but the same rules apply. 

If you have any questions, please call 0208 930 9933 or email

We have the amazing Encore 225 in store, so come along and have a listen.

This offer is available on the M6 Encore 225 (max £1500.00 trade in) and the M6 Encore 225 Connect (max £1000.00 trade in)


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