These little wonders continue to fulfil all expectations for Amplifiers, Pre/Power combinations, headphone and phono step up devices.

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Project MaiA S2

'My audiophile integrated amplifier'

Project Stereo Box DS2

A new integrated stereo amplifier with class-leading sound and App control

Project Stereo Box S2

Compact Stereo Amplifier

Project Pre Box S2 Analogue

Compact Stereo Pre-Amplifier

Project Amp Box S2

Ultra compact Stereo Power Amplifier

Project Amp Box DS2

Stereo Power Amp

Project Amp Box DS2 Mono

Mono Power Amp

Project Pre Box DS2 Analogue

Premium Analogue Pre-Amplifier

Project Pre Box DS2 Digital

Premium Pre-Amp with Phono Stage, DAC and Bluetooth

Project Pre Box S2 Digital

Premium DAC and Roon End Point

Project Pre Box RS

Pro-jects newest Pre-amplifier. Detailed, solid and stylish with handy IR remote control.

Project Stereo Box RS

Pro-Ject's audiophile flagship integrated amplifier!

Project Amp Box RS

A true powerful high-end stereo amplifier

Project Head Box RS

Strictly analogue headphone pre-amplifier.

Project Phono Box

A truly cult object. Pro-Ject's Phono Box model is now in its third inception, but since the very beginning it's been a hit.

Project Phono Box USB V

Project Phono Box USB variable output - Record direct to your PC harddisc.
£139.00 £149.00