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Friday, April 22, 2022
Bring your music into focus.  

Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the multi-award-winning European producer of class-leading hi-fi stereo equipment, is today announcing the launch of three new made-in-Europe products that are all encompassed by an overriding philosophy: True Balanced Connection. The X8 turntable (£2,099.00 SRP) and matching Phono Box S3 B (£349.00 SRP) and Phono Box DS3 B (£529.00 SRP) phono stages are all balanced devices that support Pro-Ject’s concept, and are available in the UK now. 

 All Pro-Ject turntables are balanced signal sources by their nature, but the ability to exploit this beneficial technology has traditionally only been available to more high-end or bespoke analogue systems. Pro-Ject’s True Balanced Connection concept intends to extend these benefits to a broader variety of vinyl enthusiasts than ever before. 

The interconnect cable between a record player and a phono stage is prone to pick up noise on the way. That noise and interference can stem from a lot of unavoidable sources, such as household applicances, wi-fi and bluetooth devices, other power cables and audio amplifiers. Unshielded (i.e. RCA) interconnects can amplify the picked-up noise and make it audible through your speakers, interfering with the pure musical signal.

Balanced (typically XLR) cable connections double the wires carrying the musical signal – with one side inverted. In this case noise still gets picked up by both wires, but with one side reversed. When the signals are re-joined at the phono stage, the picked-up noise is cancelled out by the opposing signals. The benefit of this is a louder, cleaner musical signal that has doubled in size with almost no remaining noise.


The X8 turntable

The X8 is a mass-loaded high-end turntable with features more commonly found at premium price points. From its over-sized, heavyweight wooden plinth, through to the precision-lathed, TPE-damped aluminium main platter, and on to the 9” Evolution tonearm finished with a Quintet Blue, it is a complete turntable solution for high-end audio systems in one box. 

The Phono Box DS3 B

The Phono Box DS3 B is a dual-mono, fully discrete moving magnet and moving coil phono stage with balanced inputs and outputs. With a host of customisable features, it offers exceptional value for money and brings a notable upgrade to any mid-/high-end analogue hi-fi system. 

The Phono Box S3

The Phono Box S3 B is a compact, affordable moving magnet and moving coil phono stage with dual-mono layout, discrete circuitry and balanced inputs and outputs. With its spacious, minimalist design layout, it is easily customisable to suit any connected cartridge, and offers unrivalled value for money and performance when connected to any matching analogue hi-fi system. 


Benefits of True Balanced Connections include:

  • Interference-free signal transmission 
  • Increased dynamics 
  • Improved signal to noise ratios 


Find Out More

View the X8 turntable here, the Phono Box DS3 B here, and the Phono Box S3 B here.

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