Spendor speakers - A6R

Spendor's new A6R is currently getting some rave reviews. Our Walnut pair have run in nicely and are currently playing on the end of a Rega system in the shop. The A6R just seems to do everything well, really well. 

Whatever you have read about them already, believe it. They are incrediably musical and a joy to listen to, regardless of music genre. There is a depth and scale available that we havent experienced on speakers at this price before. In fact, until you get to the Spendor D7 (super stunning speaker!) we haven't another speaker in the shop that can sound as good as these on the right equipment. 

Aty £2495.00 they are a relative bargain and a must audition if you are in the market for a new set of speakers. Understated looks, with exceptional build quality, partnered with a sweet, open soundstage, you really cannot wish for anything else. 

As for the D7......well, where do we start.......

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