System Builders

Welcome to our custom System builder catagory. 

We have various system builders on our website to allow you to create the perfect system for you. If you are looking for full size Hifi, Mini System, All in one Solutions, or you are loyal to a certain brand (who would blame you?!) then we have a system builder for you.  

Here you have the option to build your system, adding the components you require,in the colour that you want and for full peace of mind, know that you are getting the right cables and accessories to get you up and running. 

With any full system we supply 2 x 3m or Audioquest Speaker and a pair of Interconnects with each source component, all free of charge. Plus, with any turntable added to the system we supply a Carbon Fibre record brush and record cleaner.

There are various oclour options on each item, so once your custom system has been ordered, we will contact you to confirm your choices.

Obviously there is a large selection of products, but if you have any other specific requirements or if you have any questions please feel free to call us on 0208 930 9933.