The Headphone Booth

With the growing importance of Digital Music Files, the way people listen and store music has changed alot. Hi Res downloads and Streaming are now the norm and music on the move is an important consideration for many music fans. Headphones are now becoming as important as speakers. 

To help you make the best decision for you we have created The Headphone Booth. A quiet, dedicated listening booth that allows you a quiet area in our busy shop to sit down, relax and listen at your leisure. 

Equipped with Hi Res Tidal and Spotify Streaming, you can listen to our extensive range of high quality Headphones, Headphone Amplifiers and DACs. You are welcome to bring your own music on a memory stick, laptop or iPod/iPhone/iPad and enjoy the time and space to try out the latest Headphones from Sennheiser, Audeze, Audioquest and Pioneer. 

We also have a growing collection of Digital Audio Players (DAP) which offer the ultimate portable Hi Res music. We currently have The Pioneer XDP-100R and Astell & Kern award winning AK JR and AK100II charged up and ready.  

Unbiased, friendly advice is at hand if you should need it. The Headphone Booth might only be small, but it is packed with all the latest tech and a place you can really relax into your music.

If you would like to book some time in "the booth" please feel free to email us at  or call on the shop on 0208 930 9933.

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