Wharfedale WCM-65 In-Ceiling Speakers

New In-Ceiling Speakers from Wharfedale
Manufacturer: Wharfedale
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Serious performance for their price point, the new Wharfedale WCM-65 speakers offer amazing value. 

The edgeless exterior design on WCM and WWS models with magnetic micro-perforated grilles guarantee a seamless blend between wall, ceiling and speaker.
While externally the speakers are simplistic and discreet, advanced drivers and crossover networks are housed within. The rigid polypropylene LF cone paired with an ultra-durable, high-excursion rubber surround guarantees stability under high pressure and extensive bass output. Titanium dome tweeters with highly efficient neodymium motor systems complete each speakers’ wide frequency response with a scintillating high frequency and wide dispersion (with a rotatable tweeter on WCM models for optimised positioning).

More details to follow when in. 

Priced per pair.